Pothole Repair, Fixing potholes in Lubbock

Pothole Repair and Fixing Potholes

Potholes are the worst thing to see in your parking lot.  They can mean your lot is breaking down.  Potholes annoy your customers, they damage vehicles, the look bad and they actually keep people from visiting your business.

Potholes need to be fixed properly.  Some people just pour concrete or cold mix asphalt into a hole and call it good. Of course, this temporarily fixes the problem, however, we all know that it does not last or look good.  Lubbock Striping will fix your potholes correctly.  We do pothole repair the right way.

Fixing potholes is important.  People can trip and fall in potholes where you can become liable for injuries.  Pothole repair is important and Happy Striping does Lubbock pothole repair.  We fix potholes quickly and professionally.

Fixing Potholes



How to fix potholes the right way.

First, we cut the pothole out using a saw to create a straight,  uniform, and smooth repair.  We then clean and pack the substrate or base material below the pothole to ensure the best possible repair.  The edges of the pothole are coated with tack oil.  Tack oil lets the old asphalt bond with the new asphalt.  We then install hot or cold mix asphalt based on your request or needs.  The asphalt is properly packed using an asphalt roller to compact the asphalt.  Many companies pack by hand or use a vibrating plate compactor.  Happy Striping and Sealcoating uses a roller to create a flat, tight, compact and long lasting repair.  We also recommend hot pour rubber crack fill around the pothole repair to seal the repair for longer life and sealcoating over the top of the repair for a high quality and long life repair.


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Of course, you can fix your pothole yourself if you have the equipment and time.  If you need suggestions on how to fix your pothole yourself we are willing to point you in the right direction.  However, if you need a high-quality job and not a fly by night low-quality job, if you want your potholes repaired right the first time, if you need your business to look outstanding to your customers then call us.  We do pothole repair right.  We will compact your pothole correctly so you can get many more years of service from your parking lot.  Fix your potholes today.


We can saw cut your pothole straight, remove old asphalt, clean and pack and then fill the pothole with hot mix asphalt.  We can compact the asphalt and make your parking lot great again.asphalt pot hole repair Lubbock

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