Asphalt Maintenance, Paving and Sealcoating

Asphalt Maintenance and Asphalt Sealcoat is important.

Asphalt maintenance consists of several items. Just like you change the oil in your car it’s important to do regular maintenance on your asphalt.  Asphalt is expensive to install however if it is properly maintained then it will last much longer.  Asphalt maintenance will help you avoid potholes, cracks, vegetation growing through the asphalt, and even law suits related to vehicle damage.

To have proper asphalt maintenance a regular schedule of the below items is considered best practice.

  1. Regular Sealcoat (approximately every 2 years)
  2. Regular hot crack filling
  3. Inspection for weakened areas
  4. Proper repair of potholes
  5. Regular parking lot striping

Happy Striping uses the best asphalt seal coat supplies available in Lubbock.  Our asphalt maintenance steps will help protect your parking lot or driveway for a very long life.  When your parking lot starts to turn grey and begins to loose that dark black color it’s time to do asphalt maintenance and sealcoat the parking lot.  When you start to see the wear of the vehicle traffic through the dark black asphalt then it’s time to sealcoat again.  Sealcoating keeps water and sunlight out of your parking lot.  Water and sunlight create potholes and cracks.  Repaving an entire lot is quite expensive but sealcoating every few years will save you.  Using our  best asphalt driveway sealer we can protect your asphalt for many years.  We use the best asphalt driveway sealer we know of protecting your lot from asphalt paving costs.  If it’s time to higher an asphalt paving contractor we can also help you with that.  Sealing asphalt driveways will save you in the long run from expensive asphalt paving contractors.


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We can evaluate your parking lot or driveway for areas with immediate repair or asphalt maintenance needs.  We can quote you a high quality sealcoat and striping job.  We can fill the cracks in your asphalt with hot pour crack filler.

Our customers are thrilled with the fast high quality asphalt maintenance work we provide.  We do work for some of the largest parking lots in Lubbock as well as many small business owners and churches with budget conscious maintenance programs.


As is evidenced in our work we don’t water our sealcoat down.  We clean our parking lots thoroughly, we provide 2 coat high quality sealcoat with additives for a long life.  Don’t let other companies steal from you by using watered down no additive seal coat.

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