Hot Crack Fill, Lubbock crack filling

Hot Crack Fill Lubbock TX

Weather is hard on your parking lot.  Asphalt expands and contracts, gets water and ice, uv sun damage, and vehicle traffic.  It goes through some hard abuse.  These, along with prolonged periods between seal-coating cause your parking lot to crack.  Cracks let in more water, dirt, and vegetation.  Water, dirt, and vegetation widen the cracks and begin to create pot holes.  Eventually your parking lot must be scraped up re installed.  This is very expensive.  Crack fill helps to protect your lot from the damage caused by cracks.  Happy Striping does hot crack fill and cold crack fill depending on your budget.  Hot crack filling is the best way to fill asphalt cracks, however it is also very difficult work and needs to be done right to last as long as possible.  We clean and apply crack filler to manufacture specifications to give it the longest life possible.  Hot crack filler is a very strong amazing solution to prolong the life of your parking lot.

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When installing hot crack filler the crack joints are properly cleaned.  The crack filler is heated up to about 400 degrees.  This hot temperature can be difficult to work with so many paving contractors don’t like to do hot pour crack filler.  Happy Striping does Hot Pour Crack filling as well as cold pour crack filling depending on your needs.  Although hot crack fill is stronger and last longer some customers prefer the cold pour crack filler.  Sealcoating and crack filling is the best way to protect your  asphalt for many years.


For more information on crack filler look at this suppliers information.

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