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Lubbock Sealcoating and Parking Lot Maintenance

Sealcoating is important for your parking lot. Learn why and the things you need to know to protect your parking lot and make it last for years.

1. Is sealcoating really necessary?


Jason Sealcoating at Covenant Hospital

Your asphalt parking lot is very expensive to replace.  Your parking lot is constantly abused by sunlight, weather, gas, oil, water, freezing, and other chemicals that damage the paved surface.  Lubbock Sealcoating protects the asphalt and maintains the parking lot, keeping the sun damage and other enemies at bay.  Lubbock Sealcoating also makes your parking lot look much better to customers making your business more attractive.  Ultimately sealcoating saves you money.

2. How often should your asphalt be sealcoated?

You should have your parking lot maintained and sealcoated every two to three years.  The more traffic your parking lot endures the more often sealcoating is required.  If your parking lot is turning from a dark black to a faded color or if there are traffic wear patterns visible in your parking lot then it’s eminant that you have your parking lot maintained and sealcoated before it begins to develop pot holes and needs more costly repairs.

3. Are all sealcoatings the same?

All brands of pavement sealer are definitely NOT EQUAL.  Federal Spec. sealers require dilution rates of up to 40% of water.  Even if several contractors use the same product, many installers mixes the product to their advantage.  Some installers will sell a job below the price that can even buy the sealcoat for.  When we see quotes like this we know the installer is watering down the product.  They are charging you money to basically spray black water on your parking lot.  Happy Striping does all Lubbock Sealcoating jobs to  exact specifications the manufacturer requires. Some contractors over-dilute their sealer to save money but that just costs you money in the long run.  Come look at our work quality and you can visually see the difference in our jobs.  2 coats, applied correctly, with proper additives, sand, and mixture provides years of protection for your parking lot.

4. Can sealer fill cracks in pavement?

No, sealer will not fill cracks in the pavement.  Larger cracks should be sealed with a hot rubber crack sealer prior to sealing.  Lubbock striping, sealcoating and sandblasting also fills cracks using flexible rubber like hot pour crack sealer.  This helps prevent water from entering your parking lot and freezing creating larger cracks and pot holes.

5. What causes scuff marks in the freshly sealed asphalt?

Scuffing usually occurs on hot days during the first month after the sealing has been done.  This is a temporary thing and will blend back into a smooth looking job after time.

6. How many sealcoats will Lubbock Striping apply?

Two coats of sealer are recommended on most parking lots receiving moderate to heavy traffic.  A third coat of sealer is recommended on parking lot entrances and drive lanes where excessive wear occurs due to constant turning and heavy traffic.

7. What is hot-pour crack sealer?

Hot-pour crack sealer is a flexible, rubber-like product, that starts out as a solid, rubber block or cube, and is melted down in a special melter.  Once melted, the sealer is applied over the cleaned out crack in a three-inch wide band. Once cooled, it can be sealed over, or driven on without any problems.  Lubbock Striping and Sealcoating also does hot-pour crack repair.

8. What is best, hot-pour or cold- pour crack sealants?

Hot-pour crack sealer is superior.  Hot-pour crack sealer is melted and applied, then cools to a pliable, rubber-like consistency, allowing it to expand and contract with the crack.  Cold-pour crack sealers can be a water or asphalt based product that is applied to cracks in a liquid form, and then dries to a solid.  Cold-pour crack sealers usually do not perform as well, due to their lack of flexibility when dried.  Lubbock Sealcoating, and Sandblasting uses hot-pour crack sealer.

9. What type of crack sealer does Lubbock Sealcoating use?

Lubbock Sealcoating uses hot-pour crack sealer to fix your cracks the right way.

10. Can I change to a different striping layout?

Yes, we can change your existing parking lot layout if you wish.  To do this, you must first have the old lines painted over with traffic blackout paint, shot blasted, or sandblasted off.  A word of caution….the old layout lines will most likely be discernible as a dark shadow-like outline under the sealer unless you shot blast or sandblast the old lines off.

11. Will I have to close my business while the work is performed?

No, we will do our best to keep your business open and running while the work is being performed.  A lot will depend on the size and number of access points available to enter the building.  If possible, we will sealcoat when the parking lot is not being used.  Call Lubbock Sealcoating today to get an estimate on maintaining your parking lot.

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