Parking Lot Cleaning and Pressure Washing

Lubbock Striping does high quality parking lot cleaning and pressure washing jobs.  We use pressure washers 4,000 psi and over to deep clean your concrete or asphalt.  We water blast using turbo tips to clean your lot.  We can remove most tire marks and grease and oil stains.  We can also sandblast off paint and other issues with your parking lot.

If you need your parking lot, sidewalk, building, or other areas deep cleaned we have the experience and equipment, to provide you a high quality job.  Most pressure washing jobs start at only $0.05 cents per foot for a low cost and highly effective clean.

If you are sealcoating your parking lot make sure it is cleaned first.  For budget minded people power sweeping and blowing will provide okay results however for the best adhesion and longest life pressure washing is the best way to clean a parking lot.  Sealcoat does not stick to dirt, AT ALL, so to get the best possible job you must pressure wash all the dirt off of your parking lot.  Sealcoat also does not stick well to oil spots.  Higher quality sealcoat is actually water based and so it does not mix well with oil.  We can professional clean, power brush, blow off, and pressure wash your parking lot.

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Lubbock Pressure Washing

There are a few things to consider when pressure washing.

  1. How much pressure does your pressure washer put out
    1. We use high pressure commercial pressure washers.  Our washers put out 4000 psi or more.  These washers really are powerful.  They can get into the concrete and asphalt to deep clean out oil, grease, tire marks and other stains.
  2. How much water flow gallons per minute
    1. The more gallons per minute you can use the faster you can wash mud and other debris from the lot.  We use high quality pressure washers to clean your lot as fast as possible
  3. Time and skill of operator
    1. deep cleaning a parking lot is a time consuming process.  We regularly spend over 40 man hours on one parking lot with many pressure washers running at once to complete the job in one day or less.  Our operators are trained in safety and proper cleaning so that you lot gets as clean as possible.


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